In addition to its ongoing activities in Russian, NILYA CONSTRUCTION,
one of the leading companies of Moscow construction sector,
has successfully completed various construction projects abroad
in ( Saint Petersburg )
since 2013, and continues to undertake new projects.
NILYA CONSTRUCTION of Companies is represented by a team of professionals;
since the day of its establishment it has provided top quality and reliable services
in the construction of numerous
buildings, roads, industrial, chemical and health facilities,
restoration, sub & superstructure works as main contractor.
Based in Russia ( Moscow ), the Group has offices in Russia (Moscow)
Our Group offers services at world standards with the help of an experienced and trained staff
 and has proven its quality and reliability through ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System certification.
NILYA CONSTRUCTION of Companies follows international quality regulations and contemporary design trends;
and proudly represents the Turkish contractor at the global construction market.