Quality Policy

NILYA CONSTRUCTION Quality Policy Plan is based on the requirements of State Standard ISO 9001 – 2000 and the quality management system.
The purpose of the plan is to ensure quality and follow state standards and technical regulations specified
in the contract of a project by the Customer.Applying the plan into practice starts with the management policy
of the design process at the head office, construction contracts, technical training, such as budgeting works,
arrangements with suppliers and subcontractors, and includes continuous monitoring of the quality of work and documentation.
We conduct strict quality control of works on the production, documenting the whole process in order to achieve
the highest quality, without deviating from the designated time and on budget.Proper construction of the organizational
structure within the quality assurance plan promotes the development of familiarity with the basics of the plan
among the working group.
It should be added that, due to the quality assurance plan, our company is constantly in control of the quality of services,
following the state standards and technical requirements, which allows NILYA CONSTRUCTION improve and build strong,
trusting relationship with our business partners.